Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Observations of Parenthood | November 2020

Good day to you, friends!

We are just about four months into parenting and we're learning a lot. So today I'm sharing six observations of our parenthood journey so far, in no particular order. Enjoy!

Parenthood changes you into someone who eagerly checks another person's nose for boogers... It's kind of gross but totally necessary. Bee actually doesn't have a lot going on in her nose yet but I have a strong instinct to check on it frequently, just in case. I didn't expect to be so eager to look inside as I am. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Parenthood exposes your personal priorities. The question that so frequently arises is "what can I do in t-minus 20 minutes while my hands are free"? Bee is growing more independent all the time so things are feeling progressively less urgent. However, this experience has made me aware that I need my alone time first thing in the morning because it may never come if I leave it for later! Showers are usually optional. Food is of paramount importance.

Parenthood changes your vocabulary. For us it's not so much "baby talk" but I'm much more aware of the impact of everything I say now. I consistently take more thoughts captive and seek to "make them obedient to Christ" because I don't want my thoughts to negatively impact my daughter. I want my spoken words to reflect reality, the good and the bad, in reasonable and healthy ways.

Parenthood adds a powerful sense of wonder to everyday experiences. For example, every time the Metra train goes by our window I say to Bee "here comes the big, long train!" And when the train horn sounds off I echo it with a "beep beep!" I also frequently tell Bee that the big, long train is taking the people to work or back home. She watches the train with a mesmerized expression. I eagerly await the day she can tell us in her own words about the big, long train!

Parenthood provides many opportunities to practice gratitude. I thank God for an endless list of things pertaining to Bee. She is healthy and thriving. She fills our hearts with joy and delight. She has been here a whole four months outside the womb. She grew inside me and was born safely. Every smile and laugh she releases makes our world feel so, so good despite the many challenges we face.

Parenthood gives new meaning and purpose to self-care. I always want to be there for Bee, for whatever she needs. This means it's all the more important that I take good care of myself in every way so I can be ready to show up for her. I'm more consistent than ever with personal routines. I'm reading, I'm writing, I'm taking naps. I'm working creatively. I'm sharing my true heart and actively listening to others share. We are in a good headspace as a family because the stakes and standards are higher and we are stepping up as a team.

These four months have been hard and also very joyous. Here's to more learning, more wonder, and more smiles, come what may!

With lots of Love,


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